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Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of Researchers

UiB rules and regulations for recruitment and selection adhere to national legislation and the “Charter and Code” principles, ensuring an open, transparent and merit-based process.

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UiB is continuously working to offer better HR in Research, committed to ensuring equal practice, quality and coherence in the different rules and guidelines. Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment processed are important for the rights of individual applicants, as well as for the diversity and quality of UiB's research groups. This web page contains a collection of links to UiB regulations and descriptions of the employement process. 

As a part of the University's focus on ensruing holistic employer policies and practices, a project has been initiated to standardise HR processes to support the development of a best possible common practice across the UiB. The project has been established with a separate Steering Committee and Project Group, as well as a User Group

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