Student Accommodation

International students intending to stay for a minimum of one semester are guaranteed a single room at one of SiB's student hostels under certain conditions.

The student hostels are run by the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen (SiB).


For those of you who will need to obtain a residence permit, please be aware that you must make housing arrangements prior to your arrival in Bergen. However, we strongly recommend that all students make arrangements prior to arrival as it is not easy to find housing in Bergen in July and August.


Who may apply

Apply with the reservation code

The following students are guaranteed a single room in a student hostel, provided that you apply for a room within the application period, using a reservation code issued by UiB*, and intend to stay for a minimum of one semester:

  • Exchange students
  • Self-financed master's degree students
  • Quota students
  • Others: students in other collaboration programmes with a minimum duration of 1 semester

*The reservation code is issued to the student when applying for admission to the University of Bergen. See "How do I apply" for more information about the reservation code.

Apply without the reservation code

If you are not in one of the categories above, you are not guaranteed a room, but you may still apply to SiB as an ordinary student.

If you are in one of the categories above, but you missed the application deadline or you are staying in Bergen for less than 3 months, you must also apply to SiB as an ordinary student.

How do I apply

Students applying with the reservation code must apply within these deadlines:

  • Autumn semester: 1 April-14 May
  • Spring semester: 1 October-1 November

To apply for housing with the reservation code, go to SIB's website International Students with a housing guarantee.


The reservation code will be sent to you by the International Admission Team

Please note that:

If you apply before or after these dates or if you do not use the reservation code, you will lose the housing guarantee.

When you apply with the reservation code, a one year contract (from 1 August or 1 January) is automatically generated. Remember to terminate your contract 2 months before departure.

You cannot register your own arrival and departure dates when you use the reservation code. If you do so you will lose your housing guarantee.


Quota students

Student accommodation will be arranged for students admitted to the Quota Scheme by the University of Bergen. More information regarding the accommodation process will be given to admitted students with the Letter of Acceptance.

Application process

Application Period

Spring: 1 October to 1 November
Autumn: 1 April to 14 May

  • Students register and apply online
  • Students can alter their application until the deadline 1 November/15 May

Offer of Room

Spring: 1 November to 7 November
Autumn: 15 May to 25 May

  • SiB processes the applications for housing, and will allocate the rooms according to availability
  • Students may not alter their application after the deadline 1 November/15 May as this means you will lose your housing guarantee.
  • SiB sends information to all students who are offered a room at a student hostel by e-mail
  • If you have not received an offer by this date, please contact SiB directly at and forward your “Confirmation on request from Boligtorget”

Acceptance of the Offer

Within 5 days after receiving the Tenancy Agreement

  • Students must log on to 'My Page' to find their Tenancy Agreement, and follow all instructions given by SiB within the deadline


Spring: by 1 December
Autumn: by 15 June

  • Students must pay the deposit within the given deadline otherwise their reservation will be cancelled.


Spring: by 15 December
Autumn: by 15 July

  • Students who cancel their reservation of student accommodation before 15 December/15 July, will have their deposit returned

Arriving late?

After semester start

  • Students who will be arriving three weeks or more after their Tenancy Agreement has commenced, must notify SiB at to ensure their reservation is not cancelled (as according to §4 in the Tenancy Agreement)

Terminating your contract

Please note that you cannot terminate your contract between two semesters. If you do so, you will not be guaranteed a new contract on your return. If you leave for field work, you must be away for at least three months in order to qualify for a new contract. Field work must be documented.

SiB's opening hours

Pick up your keys

SiB's Housing Reception for all student hostels is at the Student Centre situated in the city centre (see campus map index no. 14). If you have been assigned a room at one of the student hostels, you must check in at the Housing Reception to pick up your room key after arrival.


Opening hours

It is important that you plan your arrival according to the Housing Reception's opening hours. Note that there are extended opening hours during semester start (August/ January).


Arrival after SiB's opening hours

If you arrive outside the Housing Reception's opening hours, you will have to arrange for private accommodation in a hotel or hostel for the first night(s).


Private accommodation

If you intend to find accommodation in the private market, there are several websites that may be useful, like and among others. However, you should be aware that most of these will be in Norwegian.