Student Housing

International students may apply for student housing to the Student Welfare Organisation (SiB).


Student hostel at Fantoft
One of the student hostels at Fantoft

Housing Guarantee


Students with a housing guarantee

As a new international student you are guaranteed a single room in one of SiB's student hostels if you:

  • Are staying at UiB for one semester or more, and
  • Arrive at the start of the semester (rent must be paid from 1 August or 1 January).

Australian students on the Short-term psychology programme must follow spesific application procedures for short term lease and should disregard the information below.


Note that you must pay rent for a minimum of one semester according to the following standard dates:

Spring semester1 January to 31 July*
Autumn semester1 August to 31 December

*You may terminate your contract one month earlier in the spring semester (1 July) by notifying SiB through 'My page'.


To make use of the housing guarantee:

  • You must apply for student housing to SiB with a specific reservation code* for UiB students.
  • You must apply in the given application period:
Spring semester1 October to 1 November
Autumn semester1 April to 15 May


How to apply

You apply for housing directly to SiB. Read SiB's instructions to students with a housing guarantee carefully before you apply.

           SiB's website about student housing


*Reservation code

The reservation code is a 5 digit number and will be provided to you by email either in the application process to UiB or with your Letter of Acceptance from UiB, depending on the student category you belong to:

Exchange students (Erasmus+, Nordplus, Nordlys, bilateral, Science without Borders, etc.)The reservation code will be provided in the application process.
Other short-term students (Fulbright, guest students, joint degree students, etc.)The reservation code will be provided in the application process.
Self-financed master’s degree studentsThe reservation code will be provided with the Letter of Acceptance to admitted students.


Without Housing Guarantee


Students without a housing guarantee

If you miss SiB's application deadline, you can apply for student housing to SiB without a housing guarantee.

You apply for housing directly to SiB, without a reservation code and with other deadlines.


           SiB's website about student housing


Note that SiB has a general requirement of a minimum stay of four months before you can terminate your tenancy agreement with a 2 months' notice.


Housing on the private market

If you intend to find housing on the private market, there are several websites that may be useful. Especially we recommend the Study Bergen website to get an overview of distances and different areas close to the city centre and to the university campus.

You may also contact people through Facebook groups or other social media platforms where vacancies in flats may be announced.