Centre for Grieg Research

From Golden Age to Bergen Wave

The Centre for Grieg Research does research on Edvard Grieg's works, his historical importance and cultural relevance in the past and the present. The centre's goal is further to contribute to international research on the diverse traditions in Norwegian music after Grieg and the close exchanges between regional music and international trends in the Nordic regions. 

Sep 27

German Musicology and the Reception of Edvard Grieg 1930–50

Michael Custodis examines how the status and image of Edvard Grieg changed in the context of an increasingly politicized musicology in Germany during the 1930s, the Third Reich, and the early post-war years.


Transforming the Nordic

'Transforming the Nordic - Music and Politics in Norway 1930–45' is a research project established at the Grieg Research Centre in cooperation with the Department of Music at Universität Münster and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Grieg Workshop+Seminar 2017

Romantic Piano Meets the Hardanger Fiddle: Performance Traditions of Edvard Grieg’s Chamber Music

The International Edvard Grieg Society, Grieg Academy, Grieg Research Centre, and Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen invite scholars and performers to participate in the international research seminar and performance workshop in Bergen, 26–29 October 2017.

Resources and archive

Grieg Research Guide

Grieg Research Guide is a peer-reviewed online bibliography and digital work catalogue with commentary function.

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