Research group for Logic, information and interaction


The LII group has three permanent members:

We study the fundamentals of representing and reasoning about information and interaction in computer systems. Applications of our work are found in social software, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems and programming languages.

Postdocs: Truls PedersenLubos SteskalMarija Slavkovik

PhD Students: Samia Touileb, Zuojun Xiong 

In Spring 2017 we teach:  INFO102, INFO207, INFO282, INFO381, INFO382

Latest Talks by Memebers

  1. Marija Slavkovik. "Manipulation in Judgment Aggregation", 2017-01-12, The Invention of Lying: Language, Logic & Cognition, Lorentz Center, International center for scientific workshops.

  2. Truls Pedersen and Lubos Steskal. "How to draw your curtains in the 21st century. Basic Internet surveillance techniques", 2017-12-16, Department of Information Science and Media Studies Christmas Seminar

  3.  Zuojun Xiong. "A Logic of Arbitrary Multicast-messages in Social Networks", 2016-11-11 LogiCIC Workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  4. Thomas Agotnes, "Reasoning about LocalBroadcast Messages in Social Networks," 2016-10-28, Hokkaido University