Institutt for arkeologi, historie, kultur- og religionsvitenskap

UBAS 8 (2015)

Artikkelsamling (festskrift) med 24 forfattarar

UBAS 8 (2015)


Irene Baug, Janicke Larsen and Sigrid Samset Mygland (Eds.):

Nordic Middle Ages – Artefacts, Landscapes and Society. Essays in Honour of Ingvild Øye on her 70th Birthday


  Irene Baug, Janicke Larsen and Sigrid Samset Mygland

Preface, Tabula Gratulatoria, Contents

Knut Helle †

Historisk-arkeologisk samvirke

Hans Andersson

Urbanization, Continuity and Discontinuity  

Irene Baug

Stones for Bread. Regional Differences and Changes in Scandinavian Food Traditions Related to the Use of Quernstones, Bakestones and Soapstone Vessels c. AD 800–1500  

Knut Andreas Bergsvik and Gitte Hansen

Medieval Rockshelters in Western Norway – Activities, Functions and Social Identities

Ann Christensson † and Rory Dunlop

Management of Archaeological Heritage in Norway’s Medieval Cities

Axel Christophersen

The Hinterland Connection: Metalworking as Entangled Social Practice

Barbara Crawford

Two Seals from Orkney: The 15th Century Community Seal and a Seal Matrix Dating to c. AD 1300

Volker Demuth

Faces and Figures – Myth and Mentality in the Motives of Highly Decorated Pottery from Bergen

Øystein Ekroll

The Stone Buildings Around St Mary’s Church in Bergen – a Reassessment

Geir Atle Ersland

How Archaeology Saved Bryggen

Gitte Hansen

After the Town Burned! Use and Reuse of Iron and Building Timber in a Medieval Town

Frode Iversen

Houses of Commons, Houses of Lords? The Thing on the Threshold of Statehood in Rogaland, Western Norway in the Merovingian and Viking Ages

Natascha Mehler

The Sulphur Trade of Iceland from the Viking Age to the End of the Hanseatic Period

Petter B. Molaug

From the Farm of Oslo to the Townyard of Miklagard

Else Mundal

‘svá kona sem karlmaðr.’ Women in Old Norse Society

Sigrid Samset Mygland

‘Female’ Activities, ‘Female’ Artefacts? A Theoretical Approach to Women and Gender in Medieval Bergen

John Olsen

A Western Norwegian Log Building Technique. Log Constructions in Bergen in Relation to Other Medieval Towns and Still Standing Medieval Buildings in Rural Norway

Else Roesdahl

Fine Belt-Buckles of Walrus Ivory – also Made in Greenland

Bergljot Solberg

From Paganism to Christianity in Norway – An Examination of Graves and Grave Finds

 Eva Svensson

Upland Living. The Scandinavian Shielings and their European Sisters

 Helge Sørheim

The First Norwegian Towns Seen on the Background of European History

Ragnheiður Traustadóttir

Spindle Whorls from Urriðakot

Ole Tveiten

A Tale of Two Technologies – Late Medieval Iron Production in Oppland, Norway