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UBAS International (2005)

Artikkelsamling med 21 artiklar av ulike forfattarar.

UBAS International (2005)


Ingunn holm, Sonja Inselset and Ingvild Øye (eds.) «Utmark» The Outfield as Industry and Ideology in the Iron Age and the Middle Ages


Ingvild Øye


Reidar Bertelsen

The sea as ”innmark” or ”utmark”

Marit Anita Skrede

Shielings and landscape in Western Norway – Research traditions and recent trends

Susanne Pettersson

Settlement, shieling and landscape

Ole Risbøl

Protoindustrial iron production in Østerdalen and challenges in managing this heritage

Simund V. Arge

Uttangarðs. Relics in the Faroe outfield

Werner Meyer

The “utmark” in a Central European perspective

Maria-Letizia Boscardin

Production and use of soapstone vessels in the Swiss Alps

Irene Baug

Who owned the products? Production and exchange of quernstones, Hyllestad in Sogn, Western Norway

Søren Diinhoff

The issue of infield and outfield

Carenza Lewis

Utmark, settlement, marginality and power in medieval lowland, England

Gro Steinsland

The late Iron Age Worldwiev and the Concept of “Utmark”

Mats Mogren

Time and space exchanging greetings. Sketches towards an understanding of utmark production landscapes in a cognitive perspective

Eva Svensson

Gender and spatial patterns in the Scandinavian farmstead and outland

Ingunn Holm

The Forest Finns of Norway and Sweden and their use and conception of landscape

Randi Barndon

An ethno-archaeological study of pre-industrial metallurgy – Perspectives and models for research on cognition of outfield activity

Inger Zachrisson

Ethnicity – conflicts on land use – Sámi and Norse in Central Scandinavia in the Iron Age and the Middle Ages

Jostein Bergstøl

Cursing in the church. A discussion of the uselessness of the term “utmark” as basis for ethnic studies

Kieran O’Conor

Gaelic lordly Settlement in 13th and 14th Century Ireland

Nikolaj Makarov

Villages in the forest – Outland economy and cultural identity of the human groups in Vologda region, Northern Russia, 950–1300 AD

Przemysław Urbańczyk

The Dzierzgoń River’s history. Two thousand years of cultural, ethnic, political and administrative divisions