Heuristic Design Lab

Heuristic Design Lab

 Heuristic design lab
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Heuristic design lab conducts basic and applied research on designing efficient and robust heuristic solutions for large-scale optimization problems. 
Finding one solution to a problem is almost always very easy and can be done extremely fast, finding the best possible solution is what takes very long. Heuristic frameworks bridge this gap: They provide you with very good (but not necessarily optimal) solutions within reasonable time.
We are exploring heuristic frameworks such as HyperHeuristics, MetaHeuristics, and Matheuristics in different applications including but not limited to:

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Energy 
  • Network design
  • Layout design
  • Timetabling, Scheduling, and production planning 


We are contributing to the following study programs in terms of the supervion of students:

We are also one of the main contributors to the Energy Informatics


For more information, please contact Ahmad Hemmati.