Momentumdelegat 2020 - 2021

Luis Martell

Naturhistorie, Universitetsmuseet i Bergen


I am a researcher at the University Museum, where I use integrative (morphology and genetic) approaches to explore the diversity of marine invertebrates. My research focuses on the taxonomy and ecology of cnidarians (jellyfish, hydroids, and siphonophores) and other gelatinous organisms, but I am also interested in the techniques scientists use to delimit species and in the potential of DNA libraries for answering questions in marine ecology.

I am passionate about biodiversity, natural history museums, and popularization of science, and I enjoy participating in projects that focus on the protection and understanding of marine life. I am currently involved in the preparation of the Norwegian Red List of Species and I am the PI of NorHydro, a project aimed at increasing our knowledge on benthic hydroids from Norway. I have had the opportunity to study marine animals in the Gulf of Mexico, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean and I am always looking forward to new collaborations and projects.