Momentumdelegat 2020 - 2021

Line Iden Berge

Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin, Det medisinske fakultet


Line Iden Berge is cand.med (2006) and PhD in epidemiology (2014), both from UiB, and has a specialist degree in psychiatry (2017) after residency training in Helse-Bergen. In 2019 she started a 4 year 50% post-doc position at Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS) at Department of Global Hublic health and Primary Care, combined with 50% position as old age psychiatrist at NKS Olaviken. She works with the LIVE@Home.Path trial, a NFR funded mixed method randomized controlled trial of a municipal intervention to support home dwelling persons with dementia and their caregivers, main outcome resource utilization and caregiver burden, and she supervises two PhD candidates in this project. Main research area are neuropsychiatric symptoms and psychopharmacological treatment in dementia, and psychiatric-somatic comorbidity.

She is born in 1981 in Bergen, and lives with her husband and two children.