Momentumdelegat 2020 - 2021

Thomas de Haan

Institutt for økonomi, Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet


My name is Thomas de Haan and I am an associate professor at the department of economics at the UiB. I work in the fields of microeconomics, behavioral economics and game theory. My research focuses on the role of limited rationality when describing the behavior of people making choices in different economic environments.

Within this field I am interested in trying to answer a wide range of questions. From "what motivates people to perform well in a team assignment setting?" and "how are people's preferences for fairness and equality affected by information about merit, effort and luck?”, to "what mechanisms cause labor market discrimination to appear and persist?" and "how can the use of choice architecture and behavioral 'nudges' have longer term effect's on people's choice behavior?".

I am excited to be working at the UiB to contribute to scientific insights into the interaction between human behavior and economic and societal outcomes.