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Datablokken is 30 years old

In 1989, a very young (only five years old) Department of informatics moved to a brand new building. The building complex with the ambitious name "High Technology Center" has meant a lot for the development of the city of Bergen, our university, and the Marineholmen area. We are excited to invite colleagues, friends, students, collaboration partners, and alumni to celebrate with us the 30th anniversary of Datablokken and our department's move into this building.

Eivind Senneseth, UiB

Imagine 1984. A few professors of mathematics who are into computing form a brand new department, the Department of informatics. At that time, the Department of mathematics is placed in the southern part of today's Phsyics and Technology building. During its first few years, the Department of informatics is placed in a house just next door, called Gran's Villa, whereas the front desk (served by Tor Bastiansen and Marit Nordvik) and some professors are still at the Department of mathematics. At the same time, a brand new building complex is under construction: Høyteknologisenteret i Bergen! It will consist of two buildings: Bioblokken and Datablokken, and it will be a hub for university, companies, research, education, and innovation.

Let's move to 1989. Datablokken is completed, although still some details are missing when it comes to cables, lamps, and connection points. But the young and rapidly growing Department of informatics is eager to enter its new premises, and moves in before the official inauguration. All employees and master students of the department fit nicely into the 4th floor of the building. Shortly after, the Department of information science moves in to the 3rd floor of the building. The IT division of UiB is on the 5th floor and IBM Bergen Scientific Center is on the 6th floor. The building houses research, education and companies that represent the future of information technology!

Today, 30 years later, the Department of informatics occupies almost five full floors of the building, soon expanding to the 6th floor, and with Simula UiB on the 7th floor. There is no doubt that this dear building has had a tremendous impact on how our department has developed. The building housed many important research centers of technology during these years, until they became too big and moved out. In Bioblokken we had the Department of molecular biology and the Sars Center; the close collaboration we had with them has resulted in today's CBU.

These and many more stories will be shared on Friday 29th of November when we will be celebrating the 30th birthday of Datablokken. We hope that you will join us for this event, share your memories, laugh at funny stories, and learn from a very successful past.

The program is scheduled as follows:
10:00 - 11:30 Short talks in Large Auditorium on the second floor of Datablokken
11:30 - 12:00 Visits to the student and research group areas on various floors
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch and cake in the Sammen cafeteria at the entrance floor

After a short welcome speech by the head of deparment Pinar Heggernes, we have the honor of having the following speakers in the first part of the program (titles are tentative, some speeches will be in English):

  • Dekan Helge Dahle – Matnat og betydningen av et nytt bygg
  • Tidligere leder av Parallab, BCCS og II, Professor Petter Bjørstad – Informatikk, Parallab, BCCS, Datablokkens betydning
  • IT-direktør og tidligere student og stipendiat ved II Tore Burheim – Datablokken, historikk og ITA
  • Tidligere direktør av Høyteknologisenteret AS Jan S Johannessen – Hvordan Høyteknologisenteret og Datablokken ble til
  • Daglig leder av eiendomsselskapene Simen Sætersdal – Høyteknologisenteret 1989 - 2019
  • Tidligere professor ved II, nå professor ved San Jose State University Sigurd Meldal – «Hvordan bygge et imperium»
  • Konserndirektør kommersialisering NORCE Christopher Gjertsen – IBM BSC og Datablokken i 1989
  • Tidligere professor ved II, siden prorektor og professor ved Blekinge Tekniska Högskola Bengt Aspvall – Historier fra tiden rundt flyttingen

We will be very happy if you join us on this celebration! Please spread the word! We would like to see as many old colleagues and students as possible from around 1989.

Please do not forget to register, so that we can order the correct amount of food for lunch.

Looking forward to see you!