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Ana Milojevic

Ana Milojevic holds a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for the project Datafication, Media and Democracy: Transformation of news work in datafied society – DataMeDe.


DataMeDe examines the role of audience datafication in transformation of news-work. From one point of view, audience datafication leads to production of content that attracts audience, regardless of the informative, citizen value of news. From the other, it improves connection between journalists and audience, strengthening financial base of news-work. Existing scholarship is characterized by great conceptual divergence, conclusions mostly based on perceptions of journalists or editors, and largely unquestioned belief that audience datafication is closing the ‘news gap’ between journalists and news users. Borrowing from sociology of news, hierarchy-of-influences, and audience studies, DataMeDe aims to advance existing knowledge by conducting research at four interrelated levels: 1) individual journalist 2) newsroom structures 3) inter-organizational 4) reception level.

DataMeDe uses mixed methods approach, combining ethnographic observation and interviews at the first three levels, and survey with audience. Such multilayered perspective allows to: a) identify factors that influence differences in comprehension and utilization of audience data by journalists, editors, mangers, media-tech workers b) explore the gap between actual, and audience news preferences re-constructed by audience data. By shedding light on disconnections of journalism practice with executive decisions and audience preferences, DataMeDe will provide research-based evidence to inform policy debates about audience privacy and data-tracking, digital media literacy campaigns, media industry, journalism education development, while advocating for tools and practices that benefit public good and not just prosperity of media organizations.

Milojevic is also connected to the Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation