Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap

2024 Norway-Japan academic networking event

If you are interested in academic collaboration with Japan this event is for you. It is organized by the Department of Information Science and Media Studies and Norway-Japan Acedemic Network (NJAN) with support from JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).

Illustrasjonsbilde av Japan
@jezar via Unsplash



12:30 Welcome
12:35 Address ( UiB leadership )
12:40 Address ( JSPS office Stockholm )
12:48 Address ( Team Norway )

Scientific program commences

12:55 Olena Zavorotynska (University of Stavanger): “HyTack - Tackling challenges in hydrogen technology through education, research and international collaboration” (45+10)
13:50 Shun Kashiwaya (University of Linköping): “Sustainable energy and water purification via photocatalysis powered by MIRAI seed funding and its business spin-off” (45+10)
14:45 Coffee-break and photo
15:30 Morten Fjeld (University of Bergen): “MIRAI, Sweden-Japan research collaboration, from a Chalmers & Swedish perspective” (45+10)
16:20 Naoto Kobayashi (Waseda University):  “MIRAI, Sweden-Japan research collaboration, from a Waseda & Japanese perspective” (remote 20+5)

End of scientific program

16:45 Closing