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Guidelines for seminar over a self-chosen topic at the Department of Chemistry

Here you can find the guidelines for the seminar over a self-chosen topic.


The seminar over a self-chosen topic is an optional element in the dissemination part of the PhD study plan (part 2). It is rewarded 1 credit under the course code KJEM930. The seminar will be evaluated by a committee of two members of the permanent scientific staff at the department. The seminar is graded by the scale passed/failed.

Candidates who want to give a seminar are welcome to submit the proposal for a topic three weeks in advance of the proposed date for the seminar.

Please note that the time frame of 45 minutes for the seminar is an important parameter that will be measured and taken into account in the total evaluation. Accepted time flexibility is +/- 5 minutes. Too short or too long time will be a reason for failing the seminar.

Please see the guidelines for detailed information about the seminar.