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The difference between science and research

Interview with Dr Kenneth Hugdahl on his research into auditory hallucination, why meaningful scientific advancement takes time and how the European Research Council (ERC) is integral in making it happen.

Kenneth Hugdahl, IBMP
Professor Kenneth Hugdahl, University of Bergen


In the last century, humanity has produced more world changing, scientific and technological breakthroughs than we can ultimately wrap our collective heads around.

Dr Hugdahl explained to me the reasoning behind the virtue of patience in science, the endlessness of the possibilities we have before us and how the European Research Council (ERC) has shown a willingness to foster a culture of scientific breakthroughs that will have a lasting impact on society.

He also told me about his interest in speech perception, his interest in how it is organized in the brain and what happens within the brain when we are listening to someone talking to us.

In his futher work in the field he wanted to discover and explore the origin of an inner voice. Auditory hallucinations then became the core interest for Hugdahl. 

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