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About us

Our vision and how to contact us.

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Eivind Senneset


Our Vision:

The Pandemic Centre is an interdisciplinary and sector-wide centre at the University of Bergen that works with innovative research, teaching and communication to improve national and global public health preparedness.

Based on the experiences from the corona pandemic, the Pandemic Centre will be a catalyst for further learning in order to be prepared for new health crises. Such crises will be complex and overlapping, and must be met in a coordinated, knowledge-based, targeted and sustainable manner. Our work will be long-term and socially relevant.

The Pandemic Centre is particularly concerned with the following topics:

  • Cultural and societal conditions related to public health preparedness
  • Development of sustainable, long-term and resilient ways of conducting dialogue that will reduce misinformation and improve public health preparedness
  • Multicrises and syndemics

In addition, the Pandemic Centre aims to build internal infrastructures that facilitate research institutions to respond appropriately to health crises, including urgent updates of areas of knowledge, urgent counseling in the event of crises and administrative preparedness across disciplines.

It is particularly important for us to work with education, to emphasize interdisciplinarity and to collaborate with non-academic environments on socially relevant topics.

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Pandemic Centre

Contact info:

Pandemic Centre is situated in Alrek Health Cluster, Årstadveien 17, Bergen.

Head of Pandemic Centre: Professor Esperanza Diaz at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care.