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Momentum delegate 2021 - 2022

Salwa Suliman

Department of Clinical Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine


Trained as a dentist from University of Khartoum in Sudan, Salwa established herself as an interdisciplinary researcher specialised in translational and basic experimental research focused on bone tissue engineering. Salwa completed her PhD in the Tissue Engineering Group, University of Bergen, where she was awarded Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry’s best PhD prize in 2015. Her research focused on efficacy and biocompatibility of bioactive scaffolds delivering growth factors for bone regeneration. She continued as a researcher and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Bergen with research stay at Department of Applied Oral Sciences at The Forsyth Institute and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, USA (2019-2020).

In 2020, Salwa was granted starting grant from Trond Mohn Foundation and the Young Researcher Talent grant from the Research Council of Norway to start her independent research node on ‘immune-driven tissue regeneration’ within the Tissue Engineering Group, Department of Clinical Dentistry. Her research efforts were awarded the Meltzer Prize for Outstanding Young Researchers in 2020.

Today, her research node focuses on understanding and harnessing the impact of the immune system on stem-cell based bone regeneration therapies.