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Master Theses 2012

An overview of master theses that were submitted in English in 2012.


Author:Master thesis title:

Amina Akhmetzhanova

Gender Equality Agenda-Setting Process in Kazakhstan: The Case of Strategy of the Gender Equality in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2006-2016


 Francisca Ampomah-Løkeland

Child labour in petty trading (Hawking Buisness) in Ghana  : A case study of Madina and Abokobi areas in GA East District

Christopher Appiah-Thompson


Challenges of Implementing Reforms in Ghana: the Case of the Civil Service Reform Programme (CSRP) and the Civil Service Performance Improvement Programme (CSPIP)

Marie-France Baron-Bonarjee

Explaining Agenda Setting  and Radical Policy Change

Zimbabwe’s Agrarian Reform  1980- 1998

Rama Bhattarai

The implementation of gender policy in the Nepalese Civil Services (NCS): A study of the position of women in top-level

Daniela Chipimo

Decentralizing Environmental Policy Implementation. The case of the Zambian National Policy on Environment

James Hathaway

Professional Colleagues and Almost Like Friends: The Development of Interorganizational Trust within a Partnership of Three Norwegian NGOs

Jeffrey Herman Hekli

Public Policy Implementation at the local level in Ghana: the Case of the Ghana School Feeding Programme in the Ahanta West District.

Christina  Anna Lichtmannegger

Radical policy change in Germany’s health system in 2011: The case of patented drug regulation

Angela Hezekia  Mlay

Institutionalization Challenges of Performance Appraisal system in Tanzanian Local Authorities

Gedion Onyango

Administrative and political grassroots corruption in rural Kenya : It takes two to tango

Anteneh Bassazen Tsegaw

Business Process Reengineering and Organizational Performance in Ethiopian Public Service Organizations: A study of Document Authentification and Registration Office (DARO)

Lele Zhang

The Hofstede's Culture Difference Research in the Chinese Mergers and Acquisitions International Company

Martina Ziploi

Does national culture matter for organizational culture in institutions of higher education?

An Italian University and a Norwegian University compared