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Master Theses 2011

An overview of master theses that were submitted in English in 2011.



Author:Title of master thesis:
Hanna Fløysvik

A study of religious organizations' involvement in American politics - A case study of conservative, religious organizations' presented involvement in politics, and the motivation prompting this involvement, as presented in the Proposition 8 case in California in 2008, througg the electronic media and the organizations' own statements about their involvement.

Irene Frimanslund

Trust, security and participation; A qualitative study of security in urban South Africa, Gordon's Bay, Cape Town

Cathrine Lothe

Europe's Neglected Minority: A Case Study of Roma Conditions in Hungary After the Fall of Communism

Amy Eggert

Policy Implementation of Street Level Bureaucrats: How effectively was the Violence Against Women Act implemented in Minnesota, USA

Ilfat Fazylbayev

Social Entrepreneurial Corporations in Kazakhstan: A Study of Policy Implementation

Buddha Bahadur GurungProfessional Status of Public Primary School Teaching Occupation of Nepal
 Baldeb Prasad Joshi

Implementation of E-government Policy in Nepal: How far it is successful

Donwazum Daniel Kipo

Implementation of Public Policy at the Local Level in Ghana: The Case of National Health Insurance Scheme in Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District

Farhana Razzaque

Making Citizen’s Charter Effective in Public Organizations of
Bangladesh: Rhetoric or Reality? A study of Department of Immigration and Passports

 Jian Xu

The Implementation of Primary-Schoolteachers’ Training Policy: Case-study of Songjiang District of Shanghai, China

Kabita Kumari BhattaCitizen's trust in public and political institutions in Nepal.
Anita NiraulaNGOs Performance in Women's Empowerment in Sankhuwasaba, East Nepal