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BORA - Bergen Open Research Archive is an institutional repository containing scientific and research related material from the University of Bergen. Here you will find full-text peer-reviewed journal articles, theses, dissertations and other digital research materials.


Do you wish to make your publications available on BORA?

As an employee at the University of Bergen you may self-archive your scientific articles in the open repository BORA. By doing this the article will be more visible and it will be easier for you to share your research with colleagues.

All master students at UiB are welcome to make their master thesis available in BORA. The University Library does not receive a printed copy of the thesis, so BORA is the only place where the thesis might be accessible.

Making your PhD thesis available in BORA will help you to efficiently disseminate your research to others. An online version of your thesis will be searchable through national and international search portals and library catalogues. Making your PhD theses available in BORA will give the University of Bergen the possibility to collect and make visible research publications from the institution online. The thesis will receive a permanent URL, ensuring accessibility for the future through a persistent link.

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