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Tor Gjøsæter

Tor Gjøsæter's PhD project aims to shed light on how the users perceive AR (augmented reality) content and how content creators can use AR content to enhance and augment the user experience of traditional print media with digital content. The PhD follows a design science approach by combining a user‐centered research process.

The PhD follows a design science approach by combining a user-­‐centered research process consisting of user­‐participation in the creation of different AR content, followed by  rapid prototyping sessions where ideas from the sessions have been refined and resulted in several different prototypes: ArtAR (low-­fi), Trolljegeren (high‐fi, mobile application), ARad (production quality mobile application).

Currently these AR applications are been evaluated using common usability inspection methods; Think aloud analysis (THA), heuristic evaluation & cognitive walkthrough often combined with multi-­camera video recordings and post-­evaluation questionnaires.