Institutt for politikk og forvaltning


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Contact information

Individual e-mail addresses can be found on the personal pages presenting the employees.


 Postal address:
University of Bergen
NAME xxx
Box 7800
NO-5020 Bergen

University of Bergen
NAME xxx
Street address xxx
NO-Xxxx Bergen


Visiting adress:

Christies gt 17/19, 5007 Bergen (Building No.32 on the Map)

Telephone: +47 55 58 21 75
E-mail: post@aorg.uib.no


Student enquiries:

E-mail: studieveileder@aorg.uib.no

Telephone: 55 58 21 54

Student Information Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences
Opening hours: kl.0900 - 15:00.

For enquiries regarding potential exchange, exchange agreements, visiting researchers and other international matters, contact Adrian Kjær.


Students at the Department can use the following study halls:
Ulrike Pihls hus (Professor Keysersgt. 1, map  - building 27), 
Sofie Lindstrøms hus (Rosenbergsgt. 35-35A, map - building 11)


Head of Department:

Professor Lise Rykkja