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New research group member

A presentation of Michaël Tatham

Michaël Tatham has recently been named Associate Professor at the Department of Comparative Politics. This is a short presentation of our newest colleague.


Tatham is co-Chair of the Council for European Studies research network on ‘Territorial Politics and Federalism’ (CES, Columbia University) and co-Editor of the journal Regional and Federal Studies (Taylor & Francis, Routledge).

He works on federalism and regions in the EU, public policy analysis, and theories of European integration. He teaches introductory and specialized courses at BA and MA levels on these three broad topics (public policy, the EU, territorial politics). He has articles published in Comparative Political Studies, the Journal of European Public Policy, European Union Politics, the European Political Science Review and Regional and Federal Studies. Together with Michael W Bauer, he is co-Investigator of the European Regional Elite Survey which analyses regional élite preferences across countries and regions within the EU.

He is a graduate of the European University Institute, Florence (PhD) and the University of Oxford (MPhil) and was previously Assistant Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.