Department of Comparative Politics

Lunch seminars in Comparative Political Economy

An inter-departmental seminar series at the University of Bergen

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Alain Bachellier

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Georg Picot (Department of Comparative Politics), georg.picot@uib.no
Katharina Sass (Department of Sociology), katharina.sass@uib.no

Seminars take place on an irregular basis during academic year 2023-2024. The currently scheduled seminars are the following. Please contact the convenors if you would like to receive updates. Everyone interested is welcome. 

Schedule for Autumn 2023

11 September, 12:15-14:00 meeting room, Christies gate 15, 2nd floor

Shaun Wilson, Macquarie University, Australia
“Essential work, the end of work, and living wage welfare states”.


16 October, 12:15-13:15h, meeting room, Christies gate 15, 2nd floor

Collective discussion of:
Hickel, J., Sullivan, D. & Zoomkawala, H. (2021) Plunder in the Post-Colonial Era: Quantifying Drain from the Global South Through Unequal Exchange, 1960–2018. New Political Economy, 26(6), 1030-1047.

6 November, 12:15-13:15h, seminar room 112, Rosenbergsgaten 39 (Department of Sociology)

Renira Angeles, NORCE
"Managers Influence Politics: The Consequences of Increasing CEO Pay for British Party Donations"