Department of Comparative Politics

Doctoral theses

The following overview provides a list of all the doctoral theses submitted at The department of comparative politics since 2005.


Svein Erik Helle: "Understanding the Uneven Playing Field. The Multifaceted Role of Unfair Electoral Competition in a Non-Democratic Regime"

Erika Kristin Gran: "Systems Engineering Applied to Evaluate Social Systems: Analyzing systemic challenges to the Norwegian welfare state"


Julie Ane Ødegaard Borge: "Creating Democratic Citizens? An analysis of Mock Elections as Political Education in School"

Ingvild Aagedal Skage: "The urban poor as citizens and clients. Enacting political agency through political parties and social movements in Kenya and Zambia"

Maren Bjune: "Religious change and political continuity. The evangelical church in Guatemalan politics"


Sondre Båtstrand: "Climate change: Challenging democracies, challenging parties"

Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr: "Civil society and NGOs in China"

Frode Løvlie: "The institutional trajectory of Hamas: From radicalism to pragmatism—and back again?"


Marybel Perez: "Who has heard of EU think tanks?"

Hilmar Langhjelle Mjelde: "Still indispensable: how modern parties need grass roots activists for campaigning and sustaining democracy"


Vibeke Wang: "Kvinners gjennomslagskraft i det ugandiske parlamentet"

Åse Gilje Østensen: "The political agency of private military and security companies: Govenors in the making"


Frøy Gudbrandsen: "Explaining Scandinavian Immigration Policy 1985-2010. Parties, Press, and Public Opinion"

Eero Olli: "Rejected Cultural Biases Shape Our Political Views: A Migrant Household Study and Two Large-Scale Surveys"


Espen Dahle: "EUs effekt på demokratisering i Øst-Europa"


Tore Nedrebø: "Past and Present Sources of European Union. A Comparative Historical-Institutionalist Analysis"

Leiv Marsteintredet: "Presidential Interruptions in Latin America. Concepts, Causes, and Outcomes"


Dag Wollebæk: "Change in Local Voluntary Associations"

Jan Erik Grindheim: "Stat, region, union. Flernivåstyre i Den europeiske union"

Tord Skogedal Lindén: "Whose idea? Family policy in Germany and Norway and the role of international organizations"

Terje Knutsen: "Demokratisering av Øst-Europa 1989-2004"


Ragnhild Louise Muriaas: "Affection and Defection: Local Perspectives on the Pull Towards the Government Party in Malawi, South Africa and Uganda"


Hakan G. Sicakkan: "The European Politics of Citizenship and Asylum. A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship between Citizenship Models and the Legal-Institutional Frames of Asylum Determination in West Europe"

Hans Olav Stensli: "Oceans Apart: Ideologies of Extraterritorial Foreign Policy in Northern Europe and the USA"


Nina Berven: "National Politics and Cross-National Ideas. Welfare, Work and Legitimacy in the United States and Norway"