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Comparative politics is the systematic study of political institutions, organisations, processes and behaviour at the local, national and international level. Comparisons across political systems and over time are central to the subject. The main focus of the research is democracy and democratisation in a wide sense, thematically and geographically.

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Sami activist and artist Andy Somby, Aaron John Spitzer and Per Selle, UiB

Arctic research comes in from the cold

How SAMPOL is on the frontier of polar political science

Stein Rokkan

Stein Rokkan 100 years

Stein Rokkan would have been 100 years old on 4 July 2021. He was one of the world’s leading political sociologists during the first decades after the Second World War and he played a core role in the development of the social sciences at the University of Bergen in the late 1960s. He established...

Seminar series

CORE Lecture Series

The CORE Lecture Series invites leading international scholars to present their ongoing research.

Refugee crisis
Syriske flyktninger

Syrian civil war at 10: 5,6 million Syrians have fled the country

Still, a handful of neighboring states continue to host the majority of Syrian refugees.

Hakan Sicakkan

A vital moment to study international refugee protection

UiB professor Hakan G. Sicakkan’s newly launched project Protect will study refugees’ rights to international protection. A vital moment for projects like Protect, UN Refugee Agency says.

Research at the Department of Comparative Politics is organised in three research groups.

Democracy and Development

Citizens, Opinion, Representation

Challenges in Advanced Democracies