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Comparative politics is the systematic study of political institutions, organisations, processes and behaviour at the local, national and international level. Comparisons across political systems and over time are central to the subject. The main focus of the research is democracy and democratisation in a wide sense, thematically and geographically.

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Den europeiske kommisjons sitt bygg

Guest lecturer from the European Commission

The students in EUR105 received a visitor from the European Commission.

New colleagues
Portrett av Sergiu, Paulina og Bilal

New faces at Sampol

Meet Paulina, Sergiu and Bilal - three new colleagues at the department

Sein Rokkan Prize
Rokkan Prize 2022

"Theoretically ambitious, methodologically rigorous, and empirically rich" - Vineeta Yadav wins the 2022 Stein Rokkan Prize

Vineeta Yadav’s exploration of the effect of religious parties on civil liberties earns her unanimous recognition from the 2022 Stein Rokkan Prize Jury, who commend its scope, originality and innovativeness and note its significant contribution to the comparative social science research.

New professor
Portrait of Arjan

Arjan is the new professor in Comparative Territorial Democracy at the Department

Arjan Schakel has been appointed as professor in Comparative Territorial Democracy at the Department of Comparative Politics. He was previously research professor at the department where he in 2019 started to work on the research project "Strengthening Regional Democracy" funded by a Trond Mohn...

Fernand Braudel Fellowship
Portrait of Adriana at EUI

Creativity, networking and innovative thinking in Florence on the Fernand Braudel fellowship

From her office with a view over the Tuscany hills in Badia Fiesolana, Adriana Bunea reports on the opportunities that the fellowship provides – both on an academic and on a personal level.

Research at the Department of Comparative Politics is organised in three research groups.

Democracy and Development

Citizens, Opinion, Representation

Challenges in Advanced Democracies