Department of Comparative Politics

Research Design and Methods

An inter-disciplinary colloquium at the University of Bergen

Alvaro Reyes

Main content

Mainstream quantitative research in the social sciences has undergone critical paradigm shifts in the past ten years. The replication crisis has led to increased focus on causal research designs and greater transparency and rigor in data collection, analysis and reporting across fields.

In this colloquium, researchers from across the social sciences at the University of Bergen convene to discuss state-of-the-art methods, research designs, and methodological developments. The group constitutes a sounding board that aims to provide critical and constructive feedback on early-stage research (e.g., working papers, pre-analysis plans, research proposals), with a focus on theoretical arguments, causal identification, measurement and data collection, statistical modeling, and ethics.

Colloquium Sessions

We meet approximately every six weeks at the Department of Comparative Politics (meeting room, 2nd floor). The meetings normally take place on Wednesday 12.15-14.00. A light lunch is served.

The first 30 minutes are dedicated to a short method-input, followed by a presentation of papers or projects by the group members.

Schedule for Fall 2023

20.09.23, Dept. of Comparative Politics, 12.15-14.00
22.11.23, Dept. of Comparative Politics, 12.15-14.00
20.12.23, Dept. of Comparative Politics, 12.15-14.00