Citizens, Opinion, Representation

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A key concern for this research group is bottom-up processes in advanced democracies.  Many group members study some aspect of political participation or behavior either among the mass public or among elites. Central research topics include:

  • participation, social capital and civil society organizations
  • elections, election campaigns and voting behavior
  • public opinion
  • media and political communication
  • political parties and political representation
  • elite political behavior
  • quantitative, experimental and survey research methods


Seminar series

CORE Lecture Series

The CORE Lecture Series was launched spring 2021, in which leading international scholars are invited to present their ongoing research.

New professor
Stefan Dahlberg

Stefan Dahlberg gains promotion to professor

Stefan Dahlberg, who has been an associate professor at the department over the last years specializing in themes such as voter behavior and experimental research, has gained his promotion to professor.

Project leader, Yvette Peters

Workshop at Harvard University on ‘Political Inequality, and How Representative Democracy Functions’

This summer, the opening workshop of the research project ‘The Politics of Inequality’ was held at Harvard University. During the workshop the first findings of the project were presented, and scholars from 7 different institutions shared their knowledge and expertise.

New post-doc

New post-doc tackles political inequality in post-communist countries

The Department of Comparative Politics' new post-doc, Trajche Panov, has been taking on several ambitious projects over the last years. For his post-doc term in Bergen, he wants to research political inequality in post-communist countries, both of which he sees as understudied.


The research group meets once per month, on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 14, for presentations and discussions of research projects, guest lectures and student presentations of master thesis projects.