Department of Comparative Politics

Research and reseach groups

Research at the Department of Comparative Politics is organised in two research groups, and the Department also organises two inter-disciplinary seminar series

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An overarching goal for the Department of Comparative Politics is to perform research and run educational programmes of the highest international standards. All researchers at the Department participate in at least one research group. The research groups arrange seminars, guest lectures and other activities.

The organisation of research groups is a tool to improve the quality of research and achieve a tighter connection between the ongoing research at the Department and the teaching in the Master's programme. Through the organisation of seminars in the research groups, which include academic staff, PhD candidates and master students, the Department has established a forum discussing projects, papers, reports, as well as chapters of MA- and PhD theses. The research groups should contribute to increasing the quality of the publications of the Department.

In addition to the research groups the Department organises two inter-disciplinary seminar series and research colloquia that brings together researchers from various disciplines. The seminar series are important inter-disciplinary informal fora for the exchange of ideas and research across several fields of research.