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Semester Startup

Arrival and Directions

Arrival information for new students to UiB.

A collage photo showing a student walking in the street, Bybanen passing the Geophiysical institute, streets of Bergen, students walking towards the Student Centre
We wish to assist you so that your arrival to Bergen goes smoothly.
Eivind Senneset


      Arriving in Bergen

      Students with quarantine duty who arrive at Bergen Airport by airplane will be transported by bus directly to the allocated hotel. This transportation is free of charge. All the departures to the quarantine hotels are in connection with international flights only.

      For students without quarantine duty, who can move directly into Sammen's student housing, the most affordable way to travel from the airport to Fantoft and the city centre is via public transit through Bergen Light Rail (bybanen) and Skyss. If you are going to the city centre from the airport it is also possible to take Flybussen. It costs more than using bybanen (Skyss), however the travel time is faster.

      You can also see our Getting around Bergen page for general information about public transportation in Bergen. If you have a lot of luggage or have arrived so late that public transportation is not running, you may wish to get a taxi. Taxis are usually parked outside the airport terminal.

      Moving in to your student accommodation

      Students with quarantine duty have to collect their room key after completing the compulsory 10 days quarantine. Upon departure from the quarantene hotel the students will receive a confirmation that they need to present at Sammen when they check in at their student accommodation. Please remember to collect the key during Sammen’s opening hours

      There is no quarantine duty for people who have had confirmed COVID-19 that is documented by approved laboratory methods during the last six months. If the police at the Norwegian boarder approves of your documentation, you can move directly into your apartment upon arrival in Bergen.

      Information and directions about where you can pick up your keys:

      Arrival after semester start-up

      If you will arrive in Bergen after the semester start-up, there are a number of details to attend to.

      Contact the faculty

      Consult the faculty/department(s) where you plan to study. They can determine if you’ll miss any required components. Please also note that UiB’s Norwegian language courses have mandatory attendance and lectures start from 23 August.

      Make sure you are meeting registration deadlines

      We want you to get into all the classes you need, so make sure you don’t miss registration deadlines. Pay attention to general and course-specific deadlines. You will receive registration guidelines by email from the International Admission Team in December.

      Notify Sammen Housing

      Arriving three or more weeks after your Sammen tenancy agreement begins? You must notify Sammen of your arrival date at bolig@sammen.no.

      Visit the International Centre 

      After completing your compulory quarantine you can visit the International Centre for guidance regarding the checklist for new international students and other inquiries.*Please contact the departments/institutes where you have been admitted to if you need  more information about lectures/courses.  You can also check UiB's general semester dates

      Semester start

      Confirmation of arrival

      If you are an exchange student and need to have a Confirmation of Arrival form or Learning Agreement signed, please contact your Faculty Information Centre


      You will receive registration guidelines by email from the International Admission Team at the beginning of June. Feel free to begin your registration process as soon as you like, but remember to be aware of both general and course-specific deadlines.

      Checklist for new students

      Please have a look at the checklist for new international students. It describes the procedures that are necessary to complete in order to study at UiB. 

      Explore Bergen

      We recommend getting to know the city and how to navigate it while visiting some of Bergen's many tourist attractions