Getting Around Bergen

Once you've arrived in Bergen, you can make use of public transportation options to get around the city.

Bybanen in front of the Meteorologisk institutt
Bybanen (Bergen's light rail) driving past the Meteorology Institute.
Eivind Senneset

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Bergen has an extensive and well-connected public transportation system. It’s accessible and easy to use and will be the primary way for students to commute to classes. We recommend students to download Skyss' ticket app and the travel planner app.

Public Transport in Bergen

Bus and Bybane (tram)
Many students use buses or the Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen) on a daily basis to get around in Bergen. These services are run by the county’s transport company, Skyss. The airport bus is run by another company, Flybussen.  

Single tickets
Single tickets for buses and the light rail must be purchased before embarking:

A single ticket for students costs NOK 26 (as of May 2024). It’s also possible to buy a single ticket on the bus, but that costs more.

Travel card/ Season ticket
For daily use of buses or Bybanen, you should consider buying a season ticket on the Skyss ticket app or a periodic Skyss Travelcard. 

1. Skyss' ticket app (Skyss Billett) can be downloaded at Google Play or App Store.

2. The Skyss Travelcard can be acquired in several ways:

Remember, to receive a student discount on your Travelcard, you will have to prove that you are a student. When you travel using a ticket with a student discount, always remember to bring valid student ID in case of inspections!

Taxis tend to be very expensive, so if possible, it is most economical to take public transport. If you need a taxi, you can call 05501 for Taxi1, 07000 for Bergen taxi or 08000 for Norgestaxi. Online or app options for booking may also be available for these companies.