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Master Theses 2013

An overview of master theses that were submitted in English in 2013.


Author:Title of master thesis:
Sylvia Keala Duerr

Leadership in World of Warcraft. A comparative study of leadership styles in three guilds


Teresie Schafranek Solum Hommersand

"The answer, my darling is blowin' in the wind" - Pioneering wind energy in South Africa


Borgar Emanuelsen Bohlin

"Between a rock and a hard place". The contradictory roles of organizations involved in housing delivery in South African informal settlements.


Janne Alise Gullestad

Attuning a voice. Professionalization and the changing role of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives in Malawi


Trude Kvam Ulleland

The cluster approach for organizing emergency responce: A case study of Myanmar and Haiti (2008)


Naomi Naa Dede Adjei

Putting decision into action: the disability act of Ghana, six years down the line.


Harold Sougato Baroi

Implementation of right to information act, 2009 in Bangladesh: A study on Union Parishad


Suzan Mbatudde

Trust in central government in Uganda: the importance of institutional outputs.


Bruno Onzima

Public accountability: Explaining variations across local government in Uganda.


Ermyas Admasu Wolde

Performance appraisal in action in the Ethiopian higher education institutions: does administrative culture matter? A study of Jimma University in Ethiopia.


Martin BrantuoPolitical participation and representation of women at the local level in Ghana. The case of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and Kwabre-East District Assembly.