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Krister Fjermestad

Krister Fjermestad, førsteamanuensis, UiO


  • Anxiety
  • Treatment studies
  • Chronic illness
  • Children and adolescents

Research interests: My research interests are focused on three main areas. 1) Nature, treatment and prevention of childhood anxiety disorders. This includes predictors of treatment response, longitudinal development of anxiety, and treatment processes. I am involved in a large randomized controlled trial for childhood anxiety treatment where data from 4 year follow-up post treatment have recently been completed. I am also part of an international team focusing on the role of treatment processes, such as motivation and alliance, for outcome. 2) Family perspectives on chronic illness in the family. This includes a particular focus on siblings of children with chronic illness. I am involved in an intervention study for parents and siblings to increase family coping with illness. So far my projects have included children with congenital heart disease, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and various rare genetic disorders. 3) Functioning and adaptation in persons with rare genetic disorders, including symptom descriptions, quality of life, work and leisure activities, and illness perception. This also includes genetic links to phenotypic presentation. I am involved in a large longitudinal study of children with developmental disorders, with data collection and storage planned for the next 50 years, aiming to identify genetic mechanisms behind developmental disorders in children.

Contact information: kristefj@uio.no