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Thomas Schubert

Thomas Schubert, førsteamanuensis, UiO


  • Social psychology
  • Social cognition
  • Social emotions
  • Embodiment

Research interests: My research investigates various aspects of social relations. I am interested in both interpersonal relations and intergroup relations, and specifically in communal (close) relations, and hierarchical relations. The main topics are how such relations are cognitively represented and embodied, how they are communicated, what emotions they give rise to, and how those contribute to the relational regulation. I use a broad variety of methods, from surveys to experiments, online and laboratory-based, explicit and implicit, including psychophysiology.

For instance, I have investigated how power relations are mentally represented (through size and height) and nonverbally communicated (through elevation and through facial characteristics). I have also studied how communal relations are embodied (in warmth and physical closeness), and how they give rise to the emotion of being moved, including its psychophysiological and intercultural aspects.

In addition, I am interested in using hard- and software to extend the toolbox of social and cognitive psychologists. I have worked on virtual reality, studying how it gives rise to a sense of presence, and how it can be used in therapeutic interventions. I have also devised uses of microprocessor toolkits and online software for measuring response latencies.

Contact information: Thomas.schubert@psykologi.uio.no