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Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT) 
Visitor's address: Ida Bloms House on Allégaten 34
Mailing address: Postboks 7805, 5020 Bergen, Norway
Telephone:+47 55 58 27 05

The Centre (SVT) is a permanent, interdisciplinary and interfaculty institution at the University of Bergen that is responsible for research, teaching and dissemination within the field of "theory of science", understood broadly as "research on research". The research profile of SVT is broad, with a focus on critical reflection over the science-society relationship. The Centre coordinates and participates in several EU/FP7- and NFR-projects on the ethical and societal aspects of science and technology. SVT is a member of the Norwegian Academic Council for Science and Technology Studies, and teaches "theory of science" with ethics in all PhD programmes at UiB.

The Mind is a brittle object. The abortion law and therapeutic legitimitation

Merethe Flatseth and Ole Jacob Madsen, SVT, University of Bergen, Norway

This article takes a historical look at abortion in Norway, especially the parliamentary debates and the legislation on selective abortion. By using metaphor theory and discourse analysis we disclose that mental health issues came into practice as a legitimate cause for selective abortion for women in Norway from the 1960s and recur in more recent debates about important amendments in 1996 and 2003. 

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The EPINET project will review and evaluate assessment methods, commonly used to address societal impacts of new and emerging S&Ts. The methods include risk and impact assessments, ethics, media studies of representation, public perception studies, socio-technical analysis, law, integrated assessment, product life cycle analysis, participatory technology assessment, knowledge assessment and scenario/foresight exercises. Furthermore, the project will develop tools to integrate methodologies with reference to four case studies that aim to identify and engage with new networks of social, scientific and technological actors as they emerge in four innovation domains.

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