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New book on state formation and the social

Ørnulf Gulbrandsen's new book - "The State the Social. State Formation in Botswana and its Precolonial and Colonial Genealogies" - is now out. Read more by clicking on the caption of the cover.


"... a quite magisterial account of state formation in modern Botswana... by someone who bring the sensibilities of a fine historical anthropologist to explain how it is that a complex dialectic, arising from the encounter between, on one hand, indigenous political and cultural life-ways and, on the other, Western governmental ideas and practices, has yielded a strong, sustainable African polity... [It is] challenging and cogently argued... a very important work and a major contribution to contemporary African Studies."
John Comaroff, University of Chicago

“This is a wonderful book rich in ethnography and every bit as rich in careful and considered thought. The book is exemplary in its anthropology and demonstrates the continuing value of an anthropological perspective across the disciplines.”
From the Foreword by Bruce Kapferer

For more information about the title, please see the publisher's web pages here.