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The security-development complex explored

Edited by Jon Harald Sande Lie and John-Andrew McNeish, a new anthology entitled "Security and development" addresses the new global security–development nexus and investigates internal institutional logics.


Since 9/11 ideas of security have focused in part on the development of ungovernable spaces. Important debates are now being had over the nature, impacts, and outcomes of the numerous policy statements made by northern governments, NGOs, and international institutions that view the merging of security with development as both unproblematic and progressive. Drawing on detailed ethnography, the contributors offer new vantage points to understand the workings of multiple, intersecting, and conflicting power structures, which whilst local, are tied to non-local systems and operate across time. This volume is a necessary critique and extension of key themes integral to the security– development nexus debate, highlighting the importance of a situated and substantive understanding of human security.

Publisher: Berghahn Books -- Critical Intervention series

Pages: 166

ISBN: 978-0-85745-177-4

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