Global and development-related research

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Working paper series

Ny skriftserie om globale samfunnsutfordringer

UiB Global og CROP lanserer ny fagfellevurdert skriftserie om våre felles samfunnsutfordringer.

Working Paper Presentation | Interview with Andy Sumner

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The Global Challenges working paper series is a joint initiative by UiB Global and the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty to publish early research findings dealing with issues such as poverty and inequality, sustainability, and other relevant global Challenges.

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Editor of this peer reviewed open access series is Dr Andy Sumner of King's College, London. The series is made available through the Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA) at the University of Bergen.

The first paper in the series, entitled "Global Inequality and Global Poverty since the Cold War: How robust is the optimistic narrative?" is written by Andy Sumner and Peter Edward of the Newcastle University Business School. The paper is relevant for academics, students of development studies, policy makers in international agencies.