General Practice

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General practice is a clinical specialty that addresses a wide range of clinical problems. General practice is characterized by a doctor-patient relationship that lasts over time, often in collaboration with other health professionals.

The research group for general practice (ALFO) is committed to develop knowledge of high academic quality with relevance for GPs and their patients, and to developing methods and research strategies within the field of general practice. We have decided to form a large research group that gathers competence in epidemiology, clinical research and qualitative research methods to better address the research in our field. The activity of the research group reflects the range of general practice and has projects in the fields of urology, sleep and mental disorders, drug epidemiology, infectious diseases, elderly medicine, medical research on women, drug interactions, doctor-patient communication, emergency medicine and laboratory quality.


The research group for general practice (ALFO) includes 21 permanent academic staff members in different percentages of full time equivalent, and 50 PhD candidates (per 31.12.2017). Several of the staff members are also associated with the Research Unit for General Practice (AFE) in Bergen, National Centre for Emergency Medicine (NKLM), and Norwegian Quality Improvement of Laboratory examinations (Noklus).

Research Group Leader: Esperanza Diaz

Webmaster: Siri Waage