Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

What We Do

GRS aims to stimulate and develop research into music regionally, nationally and internationally.

Grieg Research School
Steinar Figved

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GRS works to create an interdisciplinary environment that facilitates doctoral research within various music disciplines, and also stimulates dialogues and debates between such disciplines.

GRS welcomes participation from any active researchers, ph.d candidates, førstelektor candidates and musicians.

The research school convenes courses twice a year. The autumn meetings are held at the University of Bergen, whilst the spring meetings are hosted by one of the other member institutions in either Stord, Stavanger, Bergen or Volda. Since our first meeting in December 2010 our events have attracted a range of international and national speakers.

Our courses are designed to focus on either methods, discipline specialisation or interdisciplinary discourse and include a variety of activities such as keynote lectures, candidate presentations, group discussions, panel debates and workshops. In addition to these activities the GRS hosts preliminary viva voce examinations for candidates.

A core part of our courses are the presentations given by Ph.D. candidates and the subsequent dialogues with peers and senior researchers. As such the GRS provides an important forum for critical feedback on Ph.D. work, which contributes to the development of high quality research.

We aim to build a strong and inspiring academic foundation for candidates, researchers and supervisors within the GRS host institutions and beyond.