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Innovation Workshop with Sofie Hvitved

We are pleased to invite you to a half-day innovation workshop on 30. September, 2022, at Media City Bergen. The workshop is targeted towards academics and industry personnel involved in various levels at MediaFutures.


The workshop has the following goals:

– Get an overview of different methods, processes and definitions for innovation

– Understanding futuredriven innovation

– Facilitating a knowledge sharing process preferably ending in some kind of shared understanding of the term ‘innovation’ in relation to the media and media tech industry

The workshop will be led and facilitated by Sofie Hvidtved from Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. She is Head of Media at the Institute and is strongly engaged in the intersection between media and technology, where she works with the development and execution of strategy and innovation projects. More information about Sofie Hvitved (cifs.dk).

There are 30 places available for the workshop and we have chosen to reserve 15 places for academic and 15 for industry partners.