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Når vi søker om prosjektfinansiering kan vi noen ganger kan vi møte nye ord og uttrykk. For å gjøre søknadsprosessen så enkel som mulig har forskningsadministrasjonen ved Infomedia laget en liste over noen av de mest brukte ordene som kanskje kan trenge en forklaring:



Eng.Forklaring (Eng)Relatert (Eng)
BOAExternally funded (research) activitiesExternally funded (research activities), in Norwegian: BOA, is a collective term for activity financed by external funding sources. The BOA team at UiB assists the professional administration at the faculties in all phases of externally funded research, innovation and education projects.FIA, budget economist
Direkte kostnadDirect costConsists of salary for scientific staff, salary for technical and administrative staff, research Infrastructure resource (RIR) and other runninng costsRIR, Indirect cost, TDI
EgenerklæringsskjemaStatement of participationCompulsory form to be used when applying for grants under Horizon Europe other European funding. Fylles ut av forskeren og signeres av instituttleder.LOI, LOS
EgenfinansieringOwn financingOwn-financing is the financial effort that UiB contributes to a project. UiB's contribution can be, for example, self-financing in the form of salaries (project management), equipment or grants in the form of money. This will be regulated in the agreement or project description. "In-kind financing
ERCERCEuropean Research Council (ERC) – Det europeiske forskningsrådet. The ERC aims to promote scientific quality and bold and innovative research at the international research front by investing in the best researchers and the best ideas. ERC grants are very prestigious.RCN, Horizon Europe
ERC AdGERC AdGERC Advanced Grants (AdG) are for established world-class researchers.ERC StG, ERC CoG, ERC SyG
ERC CoGERC CoGERC Consolidator Grants (CoG) are aimed at skilled, advanced researchers, i.e. those who have done research for 7-12 years after completing their PhD, in order to further strengthen the establishment of their independent research activity.ERC StG, ERC SyG, ERC AdG
ERC StGERC StGERC Starting Grants (StG) target young, promising researchers who are in the process of establishing their own independent research activity 2 - 7 years after completing their Ph.D.ERC SyG, ERC CoG, ERC AdG
ERC SyGERC SyGERC Synergy Grant (SyG). For 2-4 experienced researchers who will work together to tackle ambitious research problems. Scholarships up to €10 million for 6 yearsERC StG, ERC CoG, ERC AdG
FIADivision of Research and InnovationFIA is UiB's Division of Research and Innovation. The division provides advice, support and services regarding research and research education, contract negotiations, external funding, international cooperation, innovation, commercialization and IPR issues.BOA
FrikjøpBuy-outRefers to when the salary costs for employees are covered by others. The term primarily refers to the fact that salary costs for UiB employees can be covered by external funding sources in contribution and assignment projects, but is also used when salary costs are covered by another department at UiB in return for the department being given the opportunity to allocate a proportion of the employee's working time.BOA
Horisont EuropaHorizon EuropeHorizon Europe is the EU's ninth framework program for research and innovation. Norwegian actors can apply for funds in the same way as companies, public enterprises and research institutions in EU member states.ERC
Indirekte kostnadIndirect costIndirect costs are costs that are not made visible as direct costs in the project accounts, such as land costs, electricity and administration. See also "overhead"Direct cost, TDI
In-kind-bidragIn-kind contributionA service or item contributed to a project in lieu of moneyOwn financing
Intensjonsbrev (LOI)Letter of intention (LOI)A Letter of Intention (LOI) is a short non-binding contract that precedes a binding agreement, most often in relation to project applications. Terms with similar meaning is Letter of interest (also "LOI"), and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)LOS, Statement of participation
IPR (imaterielle rettigheter)IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) refers to the protection of inventions, works of author and artist, symbols, names, logos, designs and other innovations. IPR includes industrial (registrable) rights (patent, trademark and design) and intellectual property, copyright, domains, trade secrets and more.NDA
KonfidensialitetsavtaleNDA (non-disclosure agreement)A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is (part of) an agreement between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge or information that the parties wish to share with each other for specific purposes, but wish to limit access to.IPR
LeiestedResearch Infrastructure Resource (RIR)A “Research Infrastructure Resource” (RIR) is a laboratory or other common infrastructure for which the operating costs are presented separately and distributed proportionally between the projects and activities which employ the infrastructureTDI, Direct cost
LOS (støttebrev)Letter of supportA letter of support is a document used to validate the credibility of your project proposal through a third-party testimonial. Often funders require a LOS from the department/faculty/university.LOI, Statement of participation
NFRRCNResearch Council of Norway (Nor.: Norges forskningsråd)ERC
OppdragsforskningCommissioned researchCommisioned research is research mainly financed by clients as external funding sources. The client decides the project's theme and issues, but not the other academic structure and method.BOA
OverheadOverheadSurcharge on salary costs in externally financed projects, to cover indirect costs on the projects. See also "indirect cost"Indirect cost
PESProject establishment support (PES)PES is short for "Project establishment support". UiB's PES scheme is strategic funding from RCN to strengthen Norwegian participation in Horizon Europe as well as better Norwegian returns in the form of project funds.FIA
PhD-kostnadPhD costTotal PhD cost consists of both direct and indirect costs. The PhD cost is not necessarily covered by the RCN lump sumpLump sum, TDI, Indirect cost, direct cost
PhD-periodePhD periodA PhD period is usually 3 years. In some cases, the PhD period can be 4 years, but then with a 75-25 distribution of studies and work (often teaching) duties at the departmentLump sum
Postdoc-kostnadPostdoc costTotal Postdoc cost consists of both direct and indirect costs. The Postdoc cost is not necessarily covered by the RCN lump sump.Lump sum, TDI, Indirect cost, direct cost
Postdoc-periodePostdoc periodA postdoc period is from two to four years. When employed for more than two years, the employer decides whether the postdoc is to be required to perform compulsory work duties in the form of teaching work and similar work, and the extent of any duties.Lump sum
ProsjektøkonomProject economist (sometimes budget economist)A project economist is the primary financial support resource for the project managerBOA
RundsumLump sumLump sum is a fixed price for one or more items of work to be performed. RCN finances scientific employees with a lump sum, so any difference between round sum and TDI must be covered by the applicant institution.PhD cost, Postdoc cost, PhD period, Postdoc period, RCN, TDI
TDI-modellenFull cost model (TDI)Full cost model is used to calculate total costs linked to externally funded research projects. TDI is an abrevation for time, direct and indirect costs and refers to the model's content.Indirect cost, Direct cost
ToppfinansieringTop-up financingTop-up financing is project funding from UiB centrally. The amount of the top-up financing is calculated as a percentage of the funds received from the contributor, and the top funding must go to the project in question.Project economist, lump sum, own financing