Klima og energiomstilling
FME HyValue

HyValue - UiB is partner in newly awarded Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) on hydrogen!

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has awarded two Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) on hydrogen! The University of Bergen is one of the main academic-partners in the FME HyValue and the centre is lead by NORCE. HyValue has a holistic approach to its mission including technical solutions, financial instruments, regulations, social and environmental impact and risk.



The HyValue proposal assembles a broad cross-disciplinary consortium of national and international research partners with cutting-edge expertise in hydrogen related technical, economic, legal and societal fields of research. The centre user-partners represent leading national and international industrial companies as well as key public partners. HyValue will undertake long-term research to support and to enable the hydrogen energy transition the world is facing. A set of user-cases will serve as catalysts to connect the centre’s academic and user-partners.

UiB has a prominent role in three of the 6 work packages, and we will especially focus on hydrogen safety, a radically new method for production of green ammonia and legal issues related to hydrogen. 

The centre will receive founding from The Research Council of Norway (RCN) and together the industry and academic-partners will contribute with a similar amount as the RCN. 

HyValue will contribute to increase the educational offering on hydrogen and ammonia at UiB, and it fits very well with our Master of Science in energy, and within our current Continuing education portfolio on energy transition - “CCUS: Co2 fangst, bruk og lagring” and “Energiomstilling”.  

Thus far we have 59 user partners ranging from large Norwegian industrial groups to small start-up companies. Cooperation with industry-partners is important and it is still possible for industry-partners and public bodies to join the FME. 

The future
Research on environmentally friendly energy is crucial for the green transition the world is facing and our new research centre on hydrogen will play an important role in succeeding in this transition. Society at large will benefit from HyValue’s contributions to building a sustainable and resilient hydrogen energy sector, supporting job creation and Norwegian  industries’ capability to transform and compete in the international market.

Hydrogen has become even more important to the EU after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The commission has identified hydrogen as a key energy solution in order to reduce the union’s dependency on Russian gas.  

Through research and development of new methods, we will help lay the foundation for the future of a hydrogen and ammonia in the energy sector!