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Cancelled! Andrew Read - Evolution kills: The adaptation of disease-causing organisms and what to do about it


Professor Andrew Read, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Evolution is one of the leading challenges for 21st century medicine and public health. Cancers, pathogens and disease-transmitting organisms like mosquitoes rapidly evolve in response to medical and public health interventions. This adaptive evolution can erode the efficacy of initially effective technologies like drugs, vaccines, and insecticides. Managing evolution (and equally, avoiding evolutionary mismanagement) requires a quantitative understanding of the competing ecological forces shaping this adaptation, not least those forces imposed by medical practice. Read argues that 'adaptation science' offers the prospect of rational evolutionary management and can suggest new ways to evolution-proof health care technologies.

The event starts with a snack and refreshments in advance of the lecture that begins at 18.15.

The lecture is open to all. Welcome!

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This lecture is a joint event with Darwindagen 2013.