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Epigenetics: myths, mysteries and molecules - Lecture by Leonie Ringrose


If you google "epigenetics", at the top of the list are articles that explain "why your genes are not your destiny" and "how you can change your genes". Further down the list are dry definitions such as: "a molecular basis for how heritable information other than DNA sequence can influence gene function".

These molecular definitions may seem at first glance to be much less exciting than those that could change our lives and those of our children. In this lecture I will explore defintions of epigenetics from the spectacular to the molecular, and will examine the scientific basis for each. By doing so, I hope to convey some of the excitement I feel as a molecular biologist studying epigenetics, and to give a glimpse of how we can see into living cells and watch those molecules in action.

Group leader Leonie Ringrose, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria.

The event starts with a snack and refreshments in advance of the lecture that begins at 16.15.

The lecture is open to all. Welcome!

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