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International students

Meet the Faculty of Social Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences! We are very happy to have you as a student at our faculty, and wish that your stay here will be an interesting and rewarding experience. We hope the information below provides you with useful information to help facilitate the start of your Spring semester with us.

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Eivind Senneset


Friday, January 5 2024 - Programme

11-12Auditorium, Lauritz Meltzers hus, Fosswinckels gate 6Information meeting for all new incoming exchange students at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Ulrike Pihls house

Meet you study adviser, get your learning agreement signed, grab a free bite to eat, and have a look around in Ulrike Pihls house, the official student house at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

 Practical Information

→  Have you done all the necessary steps to become a student at UiB? See this checklist for important dates and deadlines.

→  Remember that the semester registration deadline is February 1.

→  Make sure exam dates and lecture times of your courses do not overlap.

→ Check MittUiB, UiB's learning platform, regularly. 

Students with Special Needs

If you have a disability and need special arrangements, please contact the Faculty of Social Sciences by sending an email to the advice@svfa.uib.no as soon as possible. Please have a look at our website for further information.

The Faculty of Social Sciences can help you find solutions to support your learning environment experience. 

Special Arrangments for Examinations

The special arrangements are meant to compensate for disadvantages such as illness, injury or disability, enabling candidates to be tested as equally as possible. You find all the necessary information here.

Learning Agreement

We prefer to sign the Learning Agreement in the EWP (Erasmus Without Paper) Dashboard. If your home institution does not use this tool, you can send the Learning Agreement to our information centre via email, advice@svfa.uib.no, or bring a printed document for signing.