Hormonlaboratoriets forskningsgruppe


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Mona S. Bjune, Post doc, Endocrine medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Bergen

Olivera Bozickovic, Reseach technician, Bergen Gynecologic research group, Haukeland university hospital

Monika Christensen, Physician, Department of Medicine, Section for Endocrine Diseases, Haukeland university hospital (Norwegian)

Ingvild Fenne, Bergen vann, Laboratoriet Spelhaugen

Marianne Flågeng, Senior research technician, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research

Jennifer Gjerde,  Senior research technician, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research

Elise Grytten, Master student in Clinical nutrition, University of Bergen

Lise Gundersen, Professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Christine Haugen, Senior research technician, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Tuyen Hoang, Senior research technician, University of Bergen

Pål Holm, Physician, Vågen spesialistsenter, Bergen (Norwegian)

Alba Kaci, Researcher, Østfold hospital (Norwegian)

Elton Kisanga Director, Research and consultancy, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Tanzania

Ernst Asbjørn Lien, Professor emeritus, Hormone Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen

Pål Methlie, Physician, Department of Medicine, Section for Endocrine diseases, Haukeland University Hospital (Norwegian)

Line Haugen Moi, Associate professor, Translational Cancer Research group Arctic university of Norway, and physician, Division of diagnostic services, University hospital of North Norway (Norwegian)

Bjørn Nedrebø, Physician, Haugesund Hospital (Norwegian)

Therese Røst, Senior advisor, Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education

Kristina Strand, Senior advisor, Norwegian Centre for Research Data 

Jørn V. Sagen, Clinic manager, Telemark hospital trust (in Norwegian)

Jessica Svärd, Advisor, Regional Ethics Committee, Norway

Divya Sri Tallapragada, Developmental biologist, Skretting, Stavanger Norway

Patricia Torres, PhD student, Centro de Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa, Madrid, Spain

Vivian Veum, Dietary advisor, Amalie Skram klinikk, Bergen