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Marijn Visscher

Department og Archaeology, History, Culture Studies and Religion, Faculty of Humanities


My name is Marijn Visscher, and I have been a senior lecturer in Ancient History at the University in Bergen since August 2022. My current projects focus on Seleucid history in the 2nd century BCE and Hellenic identity in the Hellenistic world. More generally, I work on Hellenistic history, cultural contact, and the edges of empires. Abstractly, my interests lie in the place of literature in history and the place of history in literature.

In 2020, I published a monograph offering an innovative perspective on Hellenistic literature (Beyond Alexandria - Literature and Empire in the Seleucid world). I studied the Hellenistic and Ancient Near Eastern cultural cross-pollination in literature surrounding the royal court. In doing so, I recentered Near Eastern literary traditions as a fundamental part of the Seleucid literary tradition I finished my PhD in Classics and Ancient History from Durham University (UK) in 2017. During my time in as a PhD student, I spent 5 months as guest-researcher at Harvard University (2015).