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Master Theses 2000-2010

An overview of master theses that were submitted in English between 2000 and 2010.




Author:Title of master thesis:
Aimar Alkhold

Nigerian Criminal Networks; a comparative analysis


Susanne Lier Fagerbakke

How do the spheres of state, industry and university contribute to learning and innovation in the Orkney Marine Energy Sector & what characterises their interaction? A case study of how a local network contributes to learning and innovation in the Orkney Marine Energy Sector


Admir Mesic

Economic Imperatives and International Regulations. The Case of INA and Corporate Social Responsibility


Øyvind Samnøy Tefre

Persistent Inequalities in Providing Security for People in South Africa - A comparative study of the capacity of three communities in Hout Bay to influence policing


Sushmita Acharya

Implementation of Citizen’s Charter and Improving Municipal Services in Nepal: Myth or Reality?


Eric Adu

Challenges of Consolidating Democratic Local Governance in Ghana: The Case of Low Voter Turnout in the District Assembly Elections


A. H. M. Kamrul Ahsan

Problems of Coordination in Local Administration in Bangladesh


Timothy Allison Findlater

Political parties and women candidates in Canada: Influences on party election of male to female ratio.


Md. Mostafizur Rahman Khan

Nature and Extent of Women Participation in Union Parishad in Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges - A Qualitative Study of Three Union Parishads


Abdul-Razak Mahamadu

The Challenges of Women Participation in Local Governance: The Case of Accra and Tamale Metropolitan Assemblies


Orest Sebastian Masue

Empowerment and Effectiveness of School Committees in Tanzania


Md. Nurul Momen

Challenges of Implementing Public Procurement Reform Initiatives in Bangladesh: The Case of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)


Rebecca Lynn Radlick

An Implementation Analysis of The Introductory Program for Newly Arrived Immigrants


Nadarajah Rajkumar

"GPs in Norway are working in Service Regime" and "GPs select a regime to maintain their Reputation" A study characterizes the general practitioners clinical decision making behaviour in their own sense as Professionals, Street-level bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs and Public Service Managers


Padma Paudel TimalsenaPrimary level enrolment and drop out of girls in Nepal: A case study in Kavrepalanchok District.



Author:Title of master thesis:

Chro Borhan

Exploring the Concepts of Academic Freedom and Institutional Autonomy. - A case study of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Suleimaniyah

Tove Svanøe Endresen

Stairway to heaven. Please Hold the Handrail! A study on the organizational safety in Norske Shell


Kjersti Gjuvsland

Land Reform in Post- Apartheid South Africa. A Case Study of challenges and opportunities for Land Reform Beneficiaries in the Western and Northern Cape Provinces

Emmanuel Kofi Ayisi


Challenges of implementing public policy in developing countries: The case of Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)


Imtiaz Badshah


NPM INSPIRED REFORMS IN PAKISTAN - A Study of the Implementation of Performance Evaluation in the Civil Service


Victoria Chimhutu:


Democracy and Civil Society: An investigation into the activities of Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) - Zimbabwe in promoting Media Freedom in Zimbabwe


Benedicte Kjøbstad:


Total Institutions in Norway: Do they exist?


Douglas Hugh John Montgomery


Taming the Market?: Public Revenuefrom Non-Conventional Oil Extraction in Alberta (Canada) and Norway


Ghulam Mustafa


Leadership Frames of Midlevel Public Managers and Implementation of Public Sector Change: A Case Study of Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan


Mercy Asi Ocansey


The challenges in community particiption, the case of the New Juaben Municipal council

Evelyn Quarm


Domestic Violence Law in Ghana - Analysis of the Actors and Strategies in Setting the Public Policy Agenda




Author:Title of master thesis:

Laura Elisabet Drivdal

Regulating Environmental Harmful Industries. A study of two Norwegian environmental NGOs efforts at making industries more environmental friendly.


Ingvild Nordstrand

Democracy as a part of Norwegian Development Aid


Berit Bjerkli

Power in the cooling water of budget support. The formal structure between the Government of Tanzania, the donors and the Non Governmental Organizations.


Abu Hossain Muhan Ahsan

The Implementation of Reform Initiatives in Bangladesh: A Case Study of the Financial Management Reform Programme (FMRP)


Narottam Aryal

Adoption and Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. A Case Study of Standard Chartered Bank.


Abu Hossain Muhammad Ahsan

The implementation of Reform Initiatives in Bangladesh: A Case Study of the Financial Management Reform Programme (FMRP) 


Fardaus Ara

Public-Private Partnership in Providing Primary Health Care Services in Urban Bangladesh 


Narottam Aryal

Adoption and Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. A Case Study of Standard Chartered Bank


Chandra Kumar Ghimire


Transformation of New Public Management: Shaping a Hybrid in Nepal? 

Rachel Mumba Kayeyi


International and National Policy Regimes: Brain Drain in the Public Health Sector in Zambia


Bernard P. Marcelline

The Progress of Democratization in Tanzania. A study on the declining number of elected parliamentary candidates from opposition parties between 1995 and 2005 elections. 


Betty Nangira


 A comparison of Health Care Service Delivery in Public and Private Health Centres. A Case study of Lumino and Busitema Sub Counties Busia District Uganda.


Nqaba Nkomana  

Land use Management and Land Re-distribution in South-Africa: A Case of Emalahleni Local Municipality 


Innocent Nkwasiibwe

Do Health projects work for the poor? The relevance of the Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Project (NECDP) in implementing Uganda's poverty reduction programme. 


Ellen  Sarquah 


Challenges of Fiscal Desentralization Policy in the Akuapem South District of Ghana

Frederico Sbalzo


Growing pains in a small successful service provider 

Alexander Alexandrovich Shestakov


Cultural code concept in contemporary world 

Sophia Esinam Aku Awitty

Implementing public-private partnership in Ghana, the case of Ghana Telecom.


Md. Anwar Hossain

Women's participation in social change decisions: A study of two Union Partishads of Bangladesh


Mohammad Imrul Kayes

The job satisfaction of university teachers in Bangladesh - A case study of Dhaka University.



Author:Title of master thesis:

Anette Gussiås

Governing by quota: Assessing the implementation of the EU emission trading directive in the United Kingdom and Poland


Cecilia Roberts

Chasing quality. A study of UNESCO's role in the development of global quality assurance guidelines for cross-border higher education


Njål Are Rosingaunet

Post Apartheid Security Policies in South Africa


Kristin Tomren

Strategies to gain legitimacy at the University of Western Cape and the University of Stellenboch


Gunta Venge

Negotiating Citizenship in Latvia: A Study of Citizenship Policy and Lawmaking 1991-1998


Musanga Mbusuro Etimba

Privatization of government services and its effects on working conditions and socio-economic situations of employed women: the case of National Microfinance Bank of Tanzania


Daniel Appiah

Analysis of State Institutional Capacity in Land Acquisition


Baraba Aloyce Firmin

The role of Non-governmental organisations in empowering disabled people in Tanzania: a case of people with spinal cord injuries in the Kilimanjaro Region


Cecilia Roberts

Chasing Quality – a study of UNESCO’s role in the development of global quality assurance guidelines for the cross-boarder higher education


Ansa Masaud


Women representation in parliament in Pakistan: a study of representation of women’s interests in the 12th National Assembly


Anna Julegina

Institutional and political constraints to planning sustainable settlements in suburban municipalities case of Tallinn, Estonia


Patience Linda Madoma

A child's right to education: Challenges to the implementation of the national plan of action for orphans and other vulnerable children in Epworth District, Zimbabwe


Md. Tanzir Mosabbir

Actors and contexts in the policy making process: A case study on information, communication and technology policy in Bangladesh.


Josephine Matrine Duway

An investigation on factors that lead to student dropout. A case study of Daar-Es-Salaam University, Tanzania


Laxmi Datt Kalauni

Community participation in school management: A study of community managed secondary schools in the Bagmati Zone of Nepal.


Rejoice Evelyn TandstadAn investigation into the strategies a civil society organization uses to influence Harare City Council: The case of Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)




Title of master thesis:

Gro Kamfjord

The university intellectual - Critic or expert?

Kristian Li

The new contractualism: Many and different approaches. An exploration of contemporary use and interpretations of contractual protocols.

Gigliola Mathisen

Alienation of higher education? Investigating Norwegian Initiatives on the General Agreement on Trade in Services

Saif Uddin Ahmed

NGO perception of poverty in Bangladesh. Do their programs match reality?


Anna Banasiak    

Women's career paths: Gender inequality in employment. A comparative study of a Polish and a Norwegian company.


Shamima Tasnim

Job satisfaction among female teachers: A study on primary schools in Bangladesh.


Mohammed Selim

Problems of higher education in Bangladesh: A study on the performance of the teachers of Islamic University, Kushtia.


Zia Obaid

Reforming political universities: A case study of University of Peshawar.


Emmanuel Lukumai     

The Implementation of Civil Service Reforms in Tanzania, 1991-2000.


Renuka Priyantha Ilandarige

Challenges in Implementing New Public Management Initiatives in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Sri Lanka.


Rebecca Glavee-Geo

Policy implementation in Ghana - The case of the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) programme




Author:Title of master thesis:

Henning Rage

Organisational structures and managerial work in large-scale project organisations - A case study of the Ormen Lange Onshore project


Mohamed Faizal


Institutionalization of performance appraisal system: A case study of the Maldivian public service


Tamanna Kabir


The story of rural electrification program in Bangladesh - a lesson of success


Shanaz Begum


Public discourse in a developing society: The incest case in Bangladesh


Rameshwor Dangal


Administrative culture in Nepal: Does it reflect the dominant socio-cultural values of Nepal


Rosemary Oswald Mruma

Implementation of the National Environment Policy: A case of the Local Government Authorities in Dar Es Salaam City- Tanzania


Gerald K. Karyeija


Analysis of decision making in Uganda's social security and pension policy reform


Amanda Isabel Medina Hernandez


Learning from Pisa: The mexican experience


Adam Fusheini


Community participation in school development: Understanding participation in basic schools performance in the Nanumba district of Ghana


Mehnaz Gul


Finding influentials in decision making process of local government: A study of two union councils in Peshawar District of Pakistan


Thomas Buabeng


Implementing public policy at the local level in Ghana: The experience of Akwapem South District in poverty reduction


Vijay Singh Beniwal


Implementing Citizen's Charter: A study of Panchkula (Harayana) Municipal Council in India


Nicole Ann Fornasier


Childbirth Health Care Policy in the United States and Norway: A comparative Case study on the role of Midwifery


Mohammad Shafiqul Islam


Does organizational culture matter for school performance? A study of government and brac primary school in Bangladesh





Author:Title of master thesis:

Berg, Dag Erik

Caste, Race and Durban - An analysis of a Dalit Human Rights campaign and the debate in India about the relevance of caste discrimination in the World Conference against Racism in Durban 2001.


Wessels, Frank   

Strategisk planlegging eller Muddling-through - En sammenlignende case-studie av kommunale planleggingsprosesser i Bergen og Münster.


Panday, Pranab Kumar



Chowdhury, Saber Ahmed


Participation in forestry: A study of people`s participation on the social forestry policy in Bangladesh: Myth or reality?


Anokye, Bernice Otaah


Participation in Basic Education: A Study of Community participation in Primary Schools in the Ga District of Ghana”.


Kyohairwe, Stella B.Women political recruitment within local councils: The selection of woman polical leaders in Uganda. A case of Bushenyi district local council and Kampala city council




Author:Title of master thesis:

Bjørkelo, Birte

The Power of Learning on the Global Age - The World Bank and Environmental NGOs.


Innvik, Jostein

Do electoral laws effect the access of interests to the national assembly?


Nielsen, Gøril Vikøren

Between Parliament and Profession. A case study of South African Human Rights Commission.


Tonheim, Milfrid

The HIV/Aids Controversy in South Africa: - A Study of the Parliament Deliberation of HIV/AIDS and Antiretrovital Medication


Roduit, Pascal

Decriminalization of Cannabis in Switzerland: - Pragmatic Policy Transfer and Consensual Policy Making (1996-2003).


Timilsina, Mohadatta


Why only a few women reach the top positions? A study on women’s status in the civil service of Nepal


M.Mahfuzul Haque


THE CULTURE OF TADBIR: The Building Block of Administrative Decisions in the Bangladesh Civil Service


Nusrat Johan Chowdhury

The Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord Implementation In Bangladesh: Promises and Performance.


Alex James Shayo

The impact of institutional autonomy on the performance of anti-corruption agencies


Regina Otoriwa Amanfo

The under-representation of women in the district assembly in Ghana: A case study of the Acora Metropolitan Assembly and Tempa Municipal Assembly


Endashaw Bakha

Factors affecting the privatization policy implementation in developing countries: A case study of privatization policy in Ethiopia


Eliaika A. Manyanga

Challenges to the Implementation of Tax Reform in the Local Government in Tanzania: a Case Study of Dar es Salaam City Council and the City Comission


Yasmin Jahan

Does Social Capital foster women empowerment? Case Studies of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh


Aminath Khuzaima

Learning in Public Sector Organizations: Administration Reform in Republic of Maldives


Kazi Maraful Islam

Civil society and urban governance in Bangladesh – an exploration of the strategies that a civil society organisation uses to influence the urban policy networks in Bangladesh: A study on Khulna Metropolitan City, Bangladesh



Author:Title of master thesis:

Berg, Truls Asbjørn

Corporate Social Responsibility for People, Planet and Profit


Awuor, Emily Achieng


ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING IN A SOUTHERN PUBLIC INSTITUTION  - How Institutional Co-operation as a development aid strategy between NORAD (Norway) and MME (Namibia) enhances Organisational Learning.


Saida Seleman Fundi

Community Participation in Education: An insight to major challenges facing participatory system in primary in Tanzania


Eliza A. Mwakasangkla

Administrative Reform Measures: A Study of Civil Service in the Period 1993-1999


Hari Raj Acharya

Decentralization in Nepal: Are the District Governments making their Development Plans by them selves?


Nasim Ahmed

Privatization of State owned enterprises (SOE’s) in Bangladesh: A Study of Policy Implementation


Xiong Zhang

Governance and Environment in Earthbound China: A Social Constructionist Model?


Khadija Samma

The Perception of Environmental Problems in Tanzania: The Case Study of Dar es Salaam


Emma Evelyn Mwela-Mshomi

An Analysis of the Effect of Tanzania’s ‘Cost Sharing’ in the Education Policy for Primary Schools: A Case Study made in Dodoma and Dar es Salaam Region


Rui Manuel Hanjan

Policy Transfer Within the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor: An Ideal of Local Democratic Institution (The Case of Community Empowerment Project)


Augusto Soares Barreto

The Status of Women in East Timor in Relation to High Position in Public Administration



Author:Title of master thesis:

Sporstøl, Siw Fedog

State and Civil Society in China - A Study of the All-China Federation of Trade union in the Era of Reform

Iman Sheikh, Abdirahman


The rise and fall of the Somali state: a case study on Somalia


Muriisa Roberts

Non-Governmental Organisations and Rural development in Uganda


Kijakazi Rajabu Mtengwa

Constitutional Problems of Unbalanced Federal Systems: an insight of union problems of the United Republic of Tanzania and their implications to democracy and the future of the Union


Igor Kalzakorta-Elorriaga

Climate Change Policy – Rhetoric or Reality? – Spanish climate change policy strategy at the pre-Kyoto and post-Kyoto stages


MD. Amran Hossain

The Nomination Procedures of Candidates Selection for the Jafiya Sangsad (National Parliament) Election: A comparative study of two major political parties (AL and BNP) in Bangladesh


Jaqueline Attafuah

The Implementation of Public Financial Management Reform Programme in Ghana- Revenue Management (VAT) and Budgetary Process (BPEMS)


Fiona Alexander


Interpretations and Implementation of Internationalization in Norwegian Higher Education – Exploring Business and Academic Functions in Student Fellowships


MD. Shahjahan Hafez Bhuiyan

Solid waste management organization in Urban Bangladesh: Ideals and Realities


Bharat Raj Gautam

Reforming the public sector: A study of administrative reforms in Nepal


Hari Paudel

The Implementation of Privatization Policy in Nepal – Is privatization a viable policy option?


Nicholas Fowler

A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Models in the Cross-national comparison of social welfare systems – with reference to the UK, Scandinavia and the United States


S.M. Abdul Quddus

Professional role orientation of primary school teachers in Bangladesh: Mission improbable?


Vincent Kwasi Bi

Interpretation of leadership styles in Ghanaian organisations – The Case of Ghanaian Schools



Authors:Title of master thesis:

Tollef Ladehaug

Institutional conditions for students' reactions towards old based teaching and learning modules on campus.


Sonja Poole     

The Emergence of Women's Movements in the Czech Republic; Opportunities, Mobilising Structures and Framing


Paul Okot-Okello

Challenges of introducing organisational change: A Case study of the public service reform programme in Uganda


MD. Taiabur Rahman

The role of parliamentary committees in ensuring bureaucratic accountability in Bangladesh


M. Rashid Mtaume

Constitutional change in Tanzania: Some insights into the past and present and its implications for democracy and constitutionalism


Richard L. Whitehead

The institutionalization of the Tanzanian opposition parties: How stable are they?


Beatrice K. Patrick

Why few women managers: A study of the Tanzanian civil service


Anwarul Karim

Recent changes in the structure of the union parishad in Bangladesh: Scope for participation of women


Msangi Salim Ramadani

Judiciary in Tanzania: Problems and reforms in relation to administration of justice


Yuda S. Mkumbwa

Relationship between the political system and industrial relations system in Tanzania (1961-1992)


Mohammad Bux Burdey

Management issues in basic education in Tharparkar (deserted area) Sindh, Pakistan.