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Master Theses 1990-1999

An overview of master theses that were submitted in English between 1990 and 1999.




Author:Title of master thesis:

Adjei, Abraham Annan


Politics and policies of agriculture and rural development in Northern Ghana:

The case of the upper region agricultural development project (URADEP) 1976‑ 1980


Asante, Kobina Ampadu

An assessment of the performance of public enterprises in Ghana ‑ A Study of five enterprises.       


Boahene, Emmanuel Adu


Telecommunications sector reforms:

Professionalisation of Ghana Telecoms


Crabbe, Abigail Naa


Women in development.

A study of the implementation of rural cottage industries in Ghana.


Sarpong, Isaac Nkethia

Public Service Accountability in Ghana:

Towards the efficient management of the common Good. The case of the Kumasi Metropolian assembly.


Kolola, Gervas Michael

Institutional Cooperation between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Tanzanian Ministry of works in the road sector

Subacius, Aivaras

Explaining the process of Decision making on Foreign Policy options ensuring national security in Lithuania (1990-1996)




Author:Title of master thesis:

Høgtun, Siren


‑ indicators of European Regionalism or European Nationalism?

Smedsdal, Anna

Social Construction of Problems:

A Policy Learning Study of The Indian Population Policy 1951‑1996.

Verdal, Helene


Reform and Legitimacy

Civil service reform in the Tanzanian ministry of agriculture


Zvaliauskas, Giedrius

Myth and Reality: The Understanding of the Functioning of a political party among its activists during the post-communist transition in Lithuania: the case of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives) Elite of Kaunas

Kazimoto, Noel Samson           


Decentralisation of Local Government in Tanzania: Central Government Control over Local Government.




Author:Title of master thesis:

Andersen, Frode

Policies and Institutional Change in a Small Scale Fishery Sector. The case of Patrimonialization in Mozambique.

Abduali, Albert Banan


Public-Health or Financial Concerns?  The Political Economy of the Wastes Management Department of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly


Awuah, Baffour


Managing Multilple AccountabilityThe case of The Adventist deveopment and Relief Agency and Poverty Alleviation in Northern Ghana.


Sanyang, Famara A.


Cost recovery in the health sector and its consequences on the poor in the Gambia.  A study of how the infernatinal financial institutions and the Word Bank influenced the Gambian Governemtns health policies.


Tambwe, Thabit Saleh


Reforms: Professionalisation of Engineers in Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited.

Ibrahim, Ibrahim Mzee

The Structural Adjustment of Public Administration: The Telecommunications Sector in Tanzania

Parveen, Zeenat

Central Government and Urban local bodies relationship in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Dhaka City Corporation

Ivan, Pavel

The Effects of political regimes on German cultural features after World War II in both ideological regions

Newas, Ware

The sustainability of Program Performance of Education Programs of Dhaka Ahsania Mission, a NGO: a case study

Bulota, Rytis

Sajudis: The Objectives of the Social Movement





Author:Title of master thesis:

Adjei, Paul

Implementing policy reforms in less developed countries: problems and implications for policy design. The case of Ghana’s privatisation policy

Rahman, Md Zahidur

A study of the relationship between the NGOs and Local Government at the Union Level in Bangladesh




Author:Title of master thesis:

Kwawukume, Andy Cecil:

Rural Banks in Ghana:
Participatory Credit Organisations for Rural Development?



Author:Title of master thesis:
Yousaf, Muhammad Nadeem

Organization and psychology.

Conscious and unconscious minds of organization.
Ogoe, Ebenezer Kwamina

Decentralisation and local government reforms in Ghana:

PNDC's desentralisation policies. The case of Ahanta West District Assembly.


Author:Title of master thesis:

Moland, Karen Marie Ingeborg


The Changing Role of Local Midwives in Addis Ababa. Community Participation in Primary Health Care.


Nyhagen, Line Lie


Radical Environmentalism in The United States: Earth first!

A case study.




Author:Title of master thesis:

Amankwah, Kofi

Institutional change ‑ State and Education Policy in Ghana 1844‑1966.


Jallow, Tijan Amadou

The effects of socio economic factors on the pattern of infant and child mortality in the Gambia. (Helse‑ og sosialpolitikk).


Kukubor, Brighten Kofi

Politics at the crossroads.

Perspectives on civil‑military relations in Ghana. 1956‑1981.


Obeng‑Mensah, Charles

Organizing for environmental protection:

A Study of the Environmental Protection Council of Ghana.


Skorpen, Anne‑Lene

The World Bank and Women oriented Development Ideology.